Friday, February 5, 2016

The Book - A short Story

The Book

Darn it!”
Of all the days to lose something important today was definitely not the day. Chara hastened frantically from bookshelf, to table, to cupboard and the stupid book was nowhere to be found. The Master would be expecting her any minute for her first instruction and she was going to be late. It was a bad start to one of the most important days of her life. She was going to be the apprentice of the great Master Korrin, grand master of the royal citadel. She had been chosen amongst a dozen candidates, alone, she had been deemed worthy of the honor, and now she was going to be late because she could not find her tome! 
   Chara was sweating profusely, and her heart was beating frantically in her chest. What was she going to do? Could she show up without the book? Surely not! “You stupid, no-good, daft….idiot!” She chided herself. She had already looked under the pillow in her bed, in all the drawers of her nightstand, but she felt compelled to search through them again. Once again, they revealed no book. She looked out through her tiny bedroom window, looked at the blue sky and felt the fresh breeze pouring into the stuffy room. It was always warm in here. “Good thing, I used that book to prop the window open with”, she thought. Then it dawned on her, the book! It was in the window, jammed between the sill and the windowpane. She was so relieved that she almost burst into tears. She swiped the book from the window and ran from the room. She hurried towards the Masters chambers. Before knocking on the door, she straightened herself, took a deep breath, and prepared to begin her new life as an apprentice mage.

Written by Anita K. Olsen Støbakk
Winner of the Desucon Fantasy 2015 Short Story Competition.

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