Sunday, March 31, 2013

Broken Glass - original poem

This is a poem I think I wrote in 2009, I have troubles remembering why I wrote it. Knowing myself I was probably going through one of my depressed periods. They come and go all the time. In any case I still kind of like it, it has a ring of truth to it I think.

Broken Glass

I tread on pieces of broken dreams
They cut me like pieces of broken glass
Every cut leaves a mark
in my soul and in my heart

Through all the cuts and bruises
at least you stuck around
Now help me put together all the shattered pieces
I have found

I used to have more faith in me
but faith seems to be in short supply these days
will you have faith in me,

and see what I no longer see.

by: Anita K. Olsen Stoebakk

Cheers Mateys,
Anita, the literary pirate.

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